Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Cupcake Series VII

It is week VII of the Summer Cupcake Series, if you missed the first six weeks you can catch up with the links below:

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Following in the direction of last week’s post, I am pointing you over to one of my absolute favorite bloggers for the cutest Hawaiian cupcakes ever! Bakerella posted these cupcakes last week and I adore them! The ‘sand’ topping, the cute little 'Aloha' signs, and most impressive of all…the leis made out of individual fondant flowers.

Picture from

I’m contemplating whether I have enough time to make these for an upcoming event. But considering how busy things have been over the last couple of weeks I should probably choose to make something that doesn’t involve hundreds of mini fondant flowers, just to be on the safe side.

I LOVE Bakerella, her creations are amazing and inspiring and she introduced me to Pioneer Woman (well to PW’s site, so it was more of a virtual introduction than a ‘Hey have you met Pioneer Woman? Pioneer Woman this is Chelle.’) This wouldn’t have really been possible anyway since neither one of them has any idea who I am. Although I did meet Pioneer Woman, but she also met 500 other people that night so it’s not likely she remembers me. Maybe I’ll get to meet Bakerella at a book signing just like I met Pioneer Woman, because guess what?

Bakerella has a book coming out next month!!! Woo Hoo! I can’t wait! You can learn about her book here. She hasn’t said yet, but I hope she does a booking signing tour. If not, maybe I’ll invite both of them to the wedding…I wonder if they would come or if they’d think I was crazy and get a restraining order???

Anyway…if you haven’t been to Bakerella’s site you must visit it ASAP.

You can find more pictures, decorating instructions, and the yummy recipe all at this URL:


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