Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Personal Training Sessions #15 and #16

Session #15 was last Wednesday (upper body) and Session #16 was last Friday (lower body).

They were my last two workouts with my trainer and they were tough, but in a good way.

I’ve said a few times now that I have felt stronger… My trainer and my final measurements confirmed that I have in fact made improvements and gained strength.

My weight did not change, but I lost inches in a variety of places which indicates that I have gained muscle and lost some fat. I don’t think I will give all the details on the blog (Sorry! If you want to know the specifics, feel free to e-mail me); but I will say that I was very happy with the final measurements and my trainer was impressed (there was one area she re-measured 5 times to make sure she was reading it correctly because she was so amazed at how much less it was than the first day).

Thanks to all of you that have been so encouraging and supportive as I worked with the trainer to kick my butt into shape!

My trainer wrote up a program for me to do on my own for a while. With a little more cardio and continuing the strength training she thinks I’ll start to see even more results.

I’m excited to keep going and trying to push myself. I may sign up for another round of sessions after the holidays to mix things up a bit, but for now I’m feeling confident to continue the journey solo.

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