Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Personal Training Session #12 and #13

Session #12 was last Wednesday and it focused on my lower body. It was a good session; my legs were completely worn out at the end. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel stronger, but even my trainer commented on how much better I’m doing – both with cardiovascular and strength-wise.
However, my knees started acting up again which caused me to take a little longer to finish some sets of the squats and lunges. My right knee is worse than the left. My trainer told me to take a few days off to give my knees a rest.

I didn’t do any normal cardio workouts over the weekend, but my knees were still acting up, in fact they were a little worse L

Session #13 was yesterday. It was an upper body workout and similar to the last couple of upper body workouts it went by fast! This one, however, worked my arms a little harder than they’ve worked for a couple of weeks; at the end my arms were jell-o and by the time I got home my arms felt so heavy. This morning I was sore, more sore than I've been for a couple of weeks.

The next session will be lower body, hopefully my knees will cooperate a little better after the days off.

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