Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Personal Training Session #14

Session #14 was last Wednesday. It should have been completely focused on my legs, but because I’m still having some knee issues my trainer split it up between legs and core. It was a good workout, my knees actually held up pretty well. My abs on the other hand took a beating…and apparently because of that beating I was getting a little lazy on my last few crunches because the next day my neck hurt. I had a little soreness in my legs and abs, but it was my neck that was the sorest.

Note to self, do not strain neck while finishing the last of multiple sets of crunches.

I also rode the normal bike immediately after my session to get some cardio in and I have to say it’s just not as comfortable or enjoyable as the recumbent bike. I am getting used to it though; my homework was two sessions on the bike and one on the treadmill.

We pushed out my last two sessions to the end of this week to give my knees a little more time to rest, which really translates to “my trainer wants me in good shape so she can kick my butt.”

It should be fun!

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