Saturday, May 1, 2010

Perfect Match

Some friends of ours recently had a baby. We decided to take dinner over one night. And of course I couldn’t send a dinner without dessert, so I decided to make a cake. I figured it would be a good excuse to practice my cake decorating because I haven’t done much since my Wilton cake decorating classes ended.

I used my new Wilton 8-inch round, 3-inch deep cake pan; it holds an entire box of cake mix. It was highly recommended by my Wilton instructor but I didn’t get it until Christmas. I like it because it’s only one pan to clean instead of two and all you have to do is level the top and then cut the rest in half. But, it also gave me the BEST cake I’ve ever had. It came out of the pan so easy and so perfect.

Look, no missing pieces that stuck to the pan.

Isn’t it a beauty. I probably stared at the cake for 3 minutes I was so impressed. (I know you must be thinking I’m crazy, but the small things in life excite me.)

It was a vanilla cake, but I colored it pink since they had a baby girl. (I know, shocking, since those that know me know that I despise the color pink…it goes back to me not being much of a girly girl. But I figured not everyone is as pink averse as myself and it would be kind of cute, and it would kind of match the decorations.

Note how perfectly flat the cake is…

I finally got to use the cake cutter I got for Christmas and it worked great! It was so easy and so level.

As it turns out I get carried away in the baby clothes section of the store. Those mini outfits just sucker you in.

Here’s the gift bag we got them.

What does this have to do with the cake?

Here’s the cake.

I used the gift bag for inspiration.

They match!

In order to match the glitter dots on the bag on the cake I went off to Hobby Lobby to find something that might work. I found pearl dust and I have to say I was very pleased (I used white); it was so easy to use and added just the right amount of shimmer. I can’t wait to use it more in the future.

Sparkle Circles on Gift Bag

Light Pink Sparkle Circle on Cake

Sorry the sparkly shimmer doesn’t really show up that well in the picture.

I needed more than just dots for the top of the cake, so I tried an experiment with the name. It was the first time I had tried something like this that wasn't made out of royal icing.

The name is made out of chocolate!

The cake is frosted in normal frosting. I made the dots (on the cake and on the cake board) and the pink scallop border out of fondant.

Look what else I found at Hobby Lobby….

A fun window cake box!

I have to say that the cake box made it SO much easy to transport and was much more convenient for a ‘drop off’ cake than my cake carrier.

Overall, I'm very happy with how it all turned out!

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