Monday, May 17, 2010

Party Post: Adorable Ladybugs

For my very first party post, I have a fabulous party to share with you!

Saturday was my friend Tiffany’s little girl’s 1st birthday party. She went all out; it was amazing how much time and love she put into every single detail to make this party perfect and special for her daughter.

Take a look, she did a wonderful job!


As you can see, she even made return address labels on the envelope to match the invitation.


So cute!

Everyone could take home a little ladybug.


Balloons always make a party more festive.


So fun!

I didn’t get a picture of the food table, but she made everything herself, including Pioneer Woman’s Jalapeño Poppers (they were gone in a flash)! Tiffany also loves Pioneer Woman…it’s why we’re friends…not really, but it helps :)

Remember my grass cupcakes? Well, my talented friend made ladybug tags to match the rest of the party décor.

Right before the party started I added in the ladybug picks and stuck on some of my pink royal icing flowers. Aren’t they cute?

If you thought the cupcake was cute, wait until you see the cakes Tiffany made. Adorable!

Almost done.

Done and beautiful!

The little ladybug for the birthday girl. Super Adorable!
A big ladybug cake and a little ladybug cake just for the birthday girl. My friend did both of these cakes herself (and she’s never taken a decorating class)…like I said she’s pretty impressive.
Here are the ladybugs in the grass...aka the cakes surrounded by the cupcakes.

What a wonderful party for my first party post. Thanks Tiff!

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  1. This is awesome Michelle!Great work...are you for hire! :) Pink