Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Days

Last week I enjoyed a much needed night of relaxation and fun. A friend and I met for a lovely dinner and then headed over to the Relish Cooking Show and Expo with celebrity chef Jon Ashton.

We got there early so we could reserve our seats and check out all the booths. One of the booths was giving free five minute sample massages…heavenly!

I was not all that familiar with Jon Ashton before the show, but I am now a huge fan. He was so hilarious and entertaining, we laughed all night long. It really should have been advertised as a comedy show that incorporates cooking.

Jon has an accent from the other side of the pond and he has some sayings that are a bit different, but two of them really stuck on me: “Happy Days” and “Smashing”. I can’t do a British accent very well, but it hasn’t stopped me from using these phrases whenever I can.

My friend’s brother help set-up the kitchen for the event and during the intermission we got to meet him…yay!

And because it was a cooking show and I do love food, here are the dishes Jon taught us how to make in the midst of his wonderfully funny stories:

(Jon telling one of his funny stories.)

After the show, we bought the Relish cookbook and had Jon sign it!

I had a smashing time! I really hope the Relish show comes back to the area again next year.

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