Friday, May 7, 2010


Along with spinach, one of my current infatuations is also with KIND Almond & Coconut bars. They are SO good! They taste more like a coconut macaroon than a snack bar. Yum!

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I’ve tried some of the other KIND bar varieties, but so far this one is my favorite.

The Kind Almond & Coconut bar is:
All Natural
Gluten & Wheat Free
Low Glycemic Index (46)
4g Fiber
Non GMO & No Trans Fats
Dairy Free
Very Low Sodium
No Sulphur Dioxide

There are only seven ingredients. The fat content is kind of high, but it’s not trans fat and it’s pretty natural sources – the majority of the bar is almonds and coconut so obviously the fat is a bit higher than some of the other varieties.

You can check out the other snack bar varieties at:

I have no connection to Kind; I just love the Coconut & Almond bar and wanted to share!

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