Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Last week I made this recipe from Tasty Kitchen. Diced potatoes and sweet potatoes coated in a glaze and baked. It was good.

The only problem was it wasn’t so good to my cookie sheets. I sprayed the cookie sheets (my old ones that I don’t really use for baking anymore) with cooking spray but I may have had the potatoes in the oven a tad too long and I ended up with burn spots all over the pans.

I scraped, I soaked, I washed and I scrubbed…nothing was working. I had come to terms with my cookie sheets being ‘worn and seasoned’ – mostly because I have newer nicer cookie sheets in the cabinets I can use for cookies. But being my typical Type A 'Monica' self, it still bothered me a bit.

Then I made my discovery!

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I had baking soda out on the counter from a baking project (I’ll post more on that later this week); as I was getting ready to put it away I saw a statement on the box, “cleans all surfaces and items” and then it listed a variety of things, one was pots. Why not cookie sheets? I’ve already tried everything else it’s not like it could make the cookie sheets worse, right?

So I sprinkled baking soda all over the cookie sheets. I let them sit for a bit (there was a tad bit of water on the cookie sheets from another failed try at scrubbing but not enough to fully dissolve all the baking soda). I used the scraper side of my dishwashing brush and sure enough all the burn marks were coming off!

I was so happy…I know that’s a little sad, but really it was a highlight of my day. And now, I’m pretty convinced baking soda can solve just about any dilemma. At least it will be one of the first things I try from now on.

Maybe some of you already knew this wonderful baking soda secret, but just in case there is anyone else out there like me that had only used baking soda for, well, baking; I wanted to share the news.

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