Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My First Cake Order

A friend of mine asked me to make the cake and cupcakes for her sons’ baptism this past weekend.

After getting a better idea for what she wanted and determining that it was something I could do with my current skill set, I happily agreed. It was such a great opportunity for me to get some more practice in and as you all know I do love baking so any excuse is the perfect excuse!

I used the baptism invitation as my inspiration.

First, before we get to the final outcome, I have to show you the smoothest icing job I think I’ve ever done.

I was proud of myself.

After I stopped patting myself on the back for the smooth icing, I made the cake to match the invitation.

I had a little trouble with the cross looking just perfect (I initially used a tip that was too small for the outline and had to go back and ‘fix’ it); I’m sure most people would have thought it was fine the first time, but the perfectionist side of me wasn’t quite satisfied. But I think it turned out alright. The cross was made out of two different colors of fondant and then outlined in butter cream frosting. The names were made out of chocolate. The date and borders were also done in butter cream frosting and the side border was done in fondant.

Then I made some cupcakes. The liners I used were yellow and blue because those were the boys’ favorite colors. I bought bright yellow and blue liners because the colors usually aren’t as vibrant after the cake is baked; however that wasn’t the case this time and I thought it was a little too much. I have seen a lot of cupcake photos (in books and online) that have two liners on the cupcakes, I always thought it was kind of pointless. However, in this case I gave it a shot to try and subdue the original cupcake liners a bit so they would flow better with the colors of the cake.

The crosses on the cupcakes are fondant, some of the cupcakes had very light colored sprinkles on them and some were just the butter cream…I thought it would be good to have a variety.

When I was all done, I boxed them up.

I need to find a large box that has cupcake holders included, because my handmade version didn’t work so well.

Then I delivered them to the party location and set them up.

I think they turned out pretty well!

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  1. SO cute!! You did an excellent job (no surprise)!!
    Love ya!