Sunday, April 11, 2010

My New Handbag!

Those of you that know me – and let’s be honest, if you’re reading this chances are you do know me since currently my followers consist of a few friends and family – anyway, you know that I am NOT a girly girl. Not even close. I don’t obsess over style magazines and seasonal make-up colors and I pretty much hate shopping for shoes and purses.

With that said, this post may seem a little out of place, but it just shows what a GREAT bag this is; I LOVE it!

Photo from Glitzy Gals

It’s handmade, very good quality. It’s big enough for all my stuff and still fits over my shoulder. And it’s black, white and red, which I love.

I first saw this bag at a local festival last summer, but it was way more than I’d ever spent on a purse and I wasn’t sure I could justify it, plus I didn’t want to carry it around all night. I politely took the lady’s handout and went about my evening.

I couldn’t get the bag out of my mind!

At one point I e-mailed the ladies to ask if they would be back in the area anytime soon for another show, but no such luck, they only come to Colorado about once a year.

Then last week I saw that they launched their very own web site (previously they just had an Etsy page). I looked through all the offerings and there was my bag again... but it said it was out of stock. I e-mailed anyway to see if they expected to get more material in (between still loving the bag and my fiancé regularly pointing out that my previous purse could rarely close all the way because I had so much stuff in there I figured it was now justified to purchase the new handbag). I quickly received a response back; they were getting in more fabric. I placed the order and when I returned from a weekend away, my new bag was waiting for me!

It’s made by Glitzy Gals. They have lots of fabric and a few different styles. Mine is the ‘Chloe Pleated Hobo Bag’ in Sophia Black & White print with Red lining.

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  1. Oh my! I have been dying for one of these! I have a smaller handmade one and I am in desperate need of a larger one :)