Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inaugural Post!

Welcome to my blog! I’m not exactly sure how most blogs kick-off their existence, so I thought I’d start mine with a basic background…who, what when, where, and why. I’ll break out each question into its own post.

My name is Michelle, but a few people call me Chelle, so that’s what I’m going to use on the blog, until I decide how much personal information I want to reveal on this new adventure. (I’ve followed bloggers that reveal no personal info, not even their real names and some that reveal almost every detail of their life including full name and location. I’ll probably end up somewhere in the middle, I just haven’t fully decided yet).

A few of the basic facts…I live in beautiful Colorado, where I was born and raised, and I love it! There really is no other place I’d rather live, although if you catch me on a day when I have to shovel snow (which I HATE) I might give you a different answer. I work in marketing for a technology company that will remain un-named. I enjoy my career and the people at the company, but I have a growing passion for baking and cooking that fills my time outside of work (more on that later). I’m in my late twenties, anxiously awaiting my 30th birthday…seriously, I’m SO excited to turn 30, I can’t wait.

Now that the facts are covered, I’ll give you a little more insight...I will openly admit that I am very much a Type A personality with perhaps a few quirky tendencies. These traits may have led a few friends to give me the nickname Monica; as in Monica Gellar from Friends. I admit there are quite a few similarities between the Monica character and myself: Type A, likes to cook, likes to organize, and incredibly competitive. But I’m happy with all of those characteristics and I loved Friends, so I’m not complaining.

That’s a pretty good overview for now, more to come!

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