Monday, July 12, 2010

Personal Training Session #5 and #6

Session #5 was Monday and it was another session focused on lower body. It was a good session, it was tough and I felt great afterwards, but I figured the pain would come later. Sure enough, on Tuesday my butt hurt; my legs actually felt good. Wednesday morning it hit my legs and I felt it in my hamstrings, just in time for Session #6.

Session #6 was today. I made it through, but it wasn't a great session. I haven't been sleeping well lately and I've had a bad headache since Monday afternoon; so physically I was exhausted and mentally I just wasn't all there. I considered rescheduling the session, but I didn't want to make excuses so I decided to suck it up. Thankfully my headache was gone before my session started, but the other factors definitely made things more challenging today than they should have been. I struggled with things that really should not have been that difficult.

Although there was one thing my trainer added at the very end today that was freaking hard and I think it would have been regardless of my physical and mental state...if any of you can do planks and/or push-ups on an exercise ball all by yourself, I'm IMPRESSED! Balancing on the ball and holding your body up are hard and my natural insinct was to push out the ball which pushed it away from me and caused me to lose my balance and fall; my trainer had to help keep the ball in one place for me and it was still hard!

We also did a check-in today, unfortunately there's no significant improvements to report, but to keep it positive and finish off on a good note... I am starting to feel stronger and it's been fun and encouraging to realize I'm capable of pushing myself further.

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