Thursday, July 8, 2010

Personal Training Session #4

Session #4 was I can barely walk.

Before we got started, my trainer asked how my arms were that point they were a little sore. Today, however, they hurt. I'm not sure if my arms should be feeling's been 3 days since they took a beating in Session #3. (I'm planning on trying a heating pad this evening, maybe that will help.)

Not that it mattered how my arms were doing since she had planned a lower body workout. It was a very tough set of exercises, but I made it through.

My trainer gave me some 'homework' to do before next week when we meet - two cardio sessions. I asked if I could do one on Thursday (today) and she that point I should have realized what I was in for. She recommended that I 'wait and see how I felt, but I'd probably only be able to take a casual walk around the neighborhood'.

I know that I will be very happy with all of my sessions and the results they bring, I'm even pretty happy now with the sessions and that I'm being pushed and challenged, it's a good feeling...except today. Today, my muscles are not just sore, they hurt, everything aches and I'm pretty sure my body hates me right about now.

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