Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mocha Almonds

As mentioned in my last post, I found these AMAZING mocha almonds at the Lincoln Farmer’s Market. Over and over you see the roasted cinnamon almonds and maybe a few slight variations, but never before have I see mocha almonds and I’m pretty sure my life will never be the same.

I love the paper cones!

Sadly, they are already gone.

They were the perfect hint of coffee and just the right amount of chocolate covering each almond. They were great for breakfast, for a snack, and for just a taste of sweetness to end a meal. I LOVE them.

I am now on a search to try and find a recipe that might allow me to recreate them. But in the meantime, I’m pretty sure I’ll just be placing an order online with the company that sold them at the Lincoln Farmer’s Market – Just Nuts. I’m so happy they had a website listed on the paper cone!

Just Nuts has more than just the mocha almonds, they also have cinnamon almonds, amaretto almonds, hickory smoked almonds, honey glazed walnuts (I tried a sample of these at their booth, also good but the mocha is still my favorite), maple glazed pecans, and lightly salted cashews with sea salt.

Their web site seems very holiday focused, but they do appear to offer the option for ordering just the nuts without the holiday packaging, so I’m off to place an order.

(Note: Just Nuts has no idea who I am and in no way endorsed my obsession with their mocha almonds.)

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