Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Along with the Mickey Mouse cake, I was asked to make Mickey Mouse cupcakes. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post the idea for the cupcakes was one of my first sketches after I got the request to bake for the Mickey Mouse party. I wanted to play off the look of a Mickey Mouse ear hat, but I knew I’d have to do something with the bottom of the cupcake and I thought making the liner his shorts would be perfect!

I went out to the grocery store to find just the right size ears. I decided Oreos were a tad too big, chocolate wafers were also too big. Even the York Peppermint Patties didn’t seem quite right, but then I found something similar – Pearson’s Mint Patties. Next, I had to find buttons for his shorts. I knew the jumbo sprinkles I used for the cake would be too large. I originally thought I would use yellow M&M’s, so I stopped by Party City to pick up a bag of yellow M&M’s; yes, they sell bags of individual colors. I was a little worried that the M&M’s might still be too big and/or too heavy to stay attached to the liners. So I checked out the rest of the wonderful candy section at Party City and found the perfect solution – yellow chocolate covered sunflower seeds. They were also MUCH cheaper than the bag of yellow M&M’s, yay!

I baked the cupcakes in plain bright red liners. I used chocolate buttercream icing for the tops; although I didn’t get as good as a color as I got on the cake and I couldn’t get the color quite dark enough to match the dark chocolate of the Pearson Mint Patties. I was a little bummed about that, but eventually I figured it was close enough and when it all came together it was so cute that it didn’t bother me that much.

I very generously iced the cupcakes to get as much of a dome shape as I could; I then stuck in two Mint Patties for the ears and used the icing on the back of the ears to help secure them in place. The icing is a great glue; especially if you put it in the fridge to set-up some.

Mickey took over my fridge.

I then used some red icing (leftover from the cake border) to attach the yellow chocolate covered sunflower seeds to the cupcake liners for the buttons on his shorts.

These weren’t very complicated cupcakes, but they were SUPER cute!

They get cuter when you see them with everything else at the party that my very creative friend and her sister-in-law planned. You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s party post!

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