Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Party Post: Mickey Mouse

My very creative and talented friend and her sister-in-law put together an adorable Mickey Mouse birthday party for their little boys. Without the party there would have been no need for the cake or the cupcakes.

Everything matched so perfectly.

Take a look at all the cute details they put together for this party; most of which were handmade!

Homemade Pinata!

Not only did my friend make a pinata cuter than anything I've ever seen in the store, she also made matching treat bags for each of the kids to put their pinata candy in. Great idea and very cute.

Each child got their own treat bag to stuff with pinata candy!

A pinata is a great activity for a children's birthday party, but so are party games. My friend did a twist on the classic "pin the tail on the donkey" with a "put Mickey together" game. It was darling.

Each child was handed a different piece of Mickey and then blindfolded and had to put their piece up on the wall.

My friend's sister-in-law made the screen printed window decal and the matching screen printed shirts for the birthday boys (the number on the front was how old they turned). There was also something on the back of the shirts, but I didn't get a picture of the back and I can't remember what it was, but I remember it was cute.

I love the idea of a special shirt/outfit for the birthday child.

My friend's sister-in-law also made super cute Oreo Mickey Mouse treats, but I couldn't find a good picture of them in the shots I took at the party :( You can kind of see them in the first picture of this post on the left side of the table.

This was too cute not to share.



Although I will note that the Mint Patty ear was not as popular as the frosting and cupcake. And apparently there was plenty of frosting on the cake!

These ladies did such a great job on this party theme. I hope you enjoy the pictures and ideas as much as I did!


  1. I am wondering if you can tell me what is on the window. Is it a window cling or was it painted?

  2. Hi Nathien - It was a custom made vinyl cutout that was placed directly on the window (and then could be peeled off).

  3. Hi
    i was hoping you would be able to help me make the amazing pinata. is there any way you can get me instructions

  4. yeah i like the pinata, is it hard to make?

  5. yeah i also wanna know how to make the pinata

  6. me too!! I wanna know how they made the pinata! Please share if possible!!! :)

  7. I would also love to know how to make the pinata!! Are you able to share the instructions? :)

  8. Hi my son's birthday is on 24 April and I want to make Mickey piñata for him can u pls share step wise step how to make piñata .


    1. Hi
      Im already working on my son's party. I love the piñata. PLEASE share step by step how to make it.

  9. HOLA CHELLE, soy paula madrid y soy de Colombia, y estoy preparando una piñata de mickey para mis dos hijos PAULINA Y MARTÌN, por favor por favor, regalame los pasos para realizar la piñata de mickey, puedes darme esos pasos en ingles que yo los traducire al español, POR FAVOR POR FAVOR.... ESA Piñata me encata, es Adorable! y dime por favoy que tipo de papel es el de los mickey de las bolsas.

    mil gracias!

  10. Hi Chelle, just like everybody else I loved your pinta. I am now organizing my son’s birthday and would love to know how your friend made it. I think I know how she achieved the shape but could you please share what type of paper she used to decorate it? Also, how did she cut it or fold it to make it pop out the way it does?

  11. ola me gustaria saber como has echo la piñata paso a paso

  12. Hi Michelle,

    I want to thankyou and your friends for make such a beautiful piñata, it inspired me to make a similar one of minnie to my daughter's birthday.
    Again thankyou for sharing it with everyone trough the internet.
    If you to take a look I let you the link of my twitter

  13. did anyone ever get the how to on the pinata?

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  15. I found this and it can give you what all of you are looking for.... the outside are just pieces of tissue paper

  16. If you cant get it or find it just email me at and I will be happy to send your the website