Thursday, December 31, 2009


Continuing on from yesterday...

five…faith. family. friends. food. fun.

I named the blog five for a few reasons:
* it’s a broad enough name to allow the blog to cover a variety of topics
* it represents what I think are the key ingredients to a great life: faith, family, friends, food, and fun
* five is probably my favorite number, well five and multiples of five (I told you in the previous post that I was a bit quirky)
* five, faith, family friends, food, and fun…they all start with ‘F’ which makes my Type A side very happy and would also probably make my Junior English Honors teacher very happy that I remembered the concept of ‘alliteration’. At least I think that’s the class I learned it in. Since it’s been a while I did double check to make sure I’m using that term correctly, definition #2…

five will mostly be about my baking and cooking adventures, new recipes to try, pictures of cake decorating and more food related fun. However, I likely will throw in some planning and organizing posts from time to time and perhaps a few random topics based on life in general.

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